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Another page from 'We Cornellians': an illustrated Cornell history, ca. 1940

This panel from "We Cornellians," the 1940 illustrated look at Cornell University by then-undergraduate student Steve Barker '41 and published by the Cornell Cooperative Society, looks at Ithaca, N.Y.

In a 1902 Ithaca Daily News editorial titled "An Ideal City," city editor Frank Gannett (Class of 1898) wrote: "If a person is looking for an ideal place to reside where he can enjoy all the beauties of nature, breathe the atmosphere of intellectual refinement, have nearly all the pleasures that can be bought in the largest cities and at the same time be freed from the disagreeable sights of the poor and suffering such is everywhere in evidence in large centers of population – if a person cares for all this he should come to Ithaca."

We Cornellians

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