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winners of the Frank H.T. Rhodes Exemplary Alumni Service Award

From left, winners of the 2016 Frank H.T. Rhodes Exemplary Alumni Service Awards: Roderick Chu, MBA '71; John Neafsey '61, MBA '63; Stephen Ashley '62, MBA '64; Martha Sherman '73, MPS '75; Mary Grainger '79, MPS '87; Bradley Grainger '79; and Theodore Teng '79. Photo: Cornell University Marketing.

Rhodes awards recognize outstanding service to Cornell University

Established in 1994, the Frank H.T. Rhodes Exemplary Alumni Service Award honors alumni who have demonstrated extraordinary service to Cornell through long-term volunteer activities within the broad spectrum of Cornell's various alumni organizations. On Sept. 23, seven alumni received recognition for the enthusiastic support and the selfless contributions they have bestowed upon Cornell. Interim President Hunter R. Rawlings observed: "They have strengthened the university and inspired others to follow."

Stephen B. Ashley '62, MBA '64

At the conclusion of the successful Cornell Now campaign, Ashley, who served as campaign co-chair, declared the 10-year effort "transformational." His tireless work on behalf of the university, of which the campaign is only one of many accomplishments, is similarly transformational, effecting positive change in his class, in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, in the Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management and throughout the university.

Roderick Gong-Wah Chu, MBA '71

Chu dedicates his professional experience to his volunteer work on behalf of Cornell in many avenues, including the Cornell University Council and the Cornell Asian Alumni Association, for which he has been a guiding light since its inception. He served as an advisory board member to Johnson and Cornell Outdoor Education He is an ambassador for Cornell as a member of the Cornell Club of New York and the Cornell Alumni Association of Central Ohio.

Bradley R. Grainger '79 and Mary Maxon Grainger '79, MPS '87

The Graingers dedicate themselves fully to their work on behalf of Cornell. The university is the fortunate recipient of wholehearted participation and enthusiastic activity from these community-minded Ithaca residents, who are especially devoted to the Class of 1979 and have also served, in many roles over many years, the Cornell University Council and the Cornell Alumni Association. The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences also benefits greatly from the couple's dedication.

John P. Neafsey '61, MBA '63

The evidence of Neafsey's volunteer work is found in many diverse places at Cornell in both Ithaca and New York. An alumnus with degrees in mechanical engineering and business, Neafsey led initiatives for joint programming between the two schools, and his wise counsel benefitted each college. He also was instrumental in establishing the Cornell Club facility in New York City and serves on the Cornell Club board.

Martha J. Sherman '73, MPS '75

Sherman is a catalyst for her class, an inspiration for students and an example for Cornell alumni, using her community-building skills and foresight to bring people together to do excellent work for the university. Her leadership motivates Cornellians for long-term good in many areas, particularly the Class of 1973, the Sloan Program in Health Administration in the College of Human Ecology, and the Cornell Alumni Association.

Theodore Teng '79

Teng gives much of his life to Cornell, devoting particular attention to his class and to diversity issues. He is devoted to opening opportunities for others, and he brings this perspective to his work on diversity through Mosiac, the Cornell Asian Alumni Association and the Cornell University Council. The School of Hotel Administration also benefits from his leadership and intellectual engagement.

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