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You can make it happen: Fall 2015

Classic casts

The College of Arts and Sciences is restoring Cornell's important collection of 19th-century plaster casts of Grecian, Roman, Egyptian and medieval art. Clean and stabilize a set of plaster casts for display in Klarman Hall ($1,000), fully restore a damaged cast ($5,000), mount and display a frieze of casts from an ancient temple, currently in storage ($10,000), or provide a year's salary for a professionally qualified curatorial assistant to catalog and digitize the collection ($25,000).

Diversity in computer science

The annual Grace Hopper Conference focuses on the research and career interests of women in computing. The ACM Richard Tapia conference celebrates diversity in computing. Send an undergraduate woman or underrepresented minority computer science major to one of these important conferences. $1,500

Looking deep into sleep

Undergraduate students in the College of Human Ecology are conducting research at Weill Cornell's Center for Sleep Medicine, hoping to improve sleep and reduce sleep disruption for end-of-life patients. Provide a laptop to record and analyze data on patients' sleep-wake cycle. $2,100

Engineering student project team travel

Cover travel costs to competitions for engineering student project teams. Get a robot to California, a health initiatives team member to Central America or a concrete canoe to Cayuga Lake for competition. Transport one student for $750 or a team's vehicle for $24,000.

Women's Resource Center

Help the director build a fund to provide programs and essential services that educate, inform, raise issues, change behaviors and positively impact women's lives. $15,000

Not-for-profit interns

Support one Johnson MBA student who chooses to do a summer internship for little or no pay at a leading nonprofit. $5,000

Horse rescue mannequin

Provide a life-size horse mannequin so Cornell veterinary emergency and critical care faculty and students can practice life-saving rescue techniques to save animals injured in trailer accidents or trapped in fires or mud pits. $20,000

Art students in Europe

Send MFA students from the College of Architecture, Art and Planning to a European city, such as Berlin or Rome, for a 10-day intensive study trip. $20,000

Personal genetics

Support voluntary genetic ancestry testing in the popular Personal Genomics and Medicine course in the College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, where undergraduates from across campus gain insight into their own genetic ancestry as a way to bring genetics to life. $10,000

Healthy honeybees



Provide a precision incubator to help a Ph.D. student studying how stress during development affects the brains and behavior of worker bees. $11,000

Plantations intern

Fund one 2016 summer internship at Cornell Plantations, a great opportunity for students to dig into the vast Plantations resources. $5,000, or endow an internship for $125,000.

To make a gift, or for more information about these and other giving opportunities, email

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