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Table of Contents VOL. V NO. 3, SPRING 2013

image of bear statue

The Essentials

Professor's lost wallet found after nearly 30 years, new ice cream flavors, Keith Olberman '79 and WVBR, Philippine alumni club turns 110, and more. Read more

Cornell deans Kathryn Boor, Harry Katz, Alan Mathios and Soumitra Dutta

Q&A with Cornell's deans: On money, misconceptions, hopes, strengths and where they see Cornell in 20 years

Beginning here and continuing over the next three issues, Ezra will share conversations with the deans of the 15 colleges and schools.
Read more

book cover

Politics, pregnancy and two new books about Cornell

Politics during recession, pregnancy and two new books about Cornell. Read more

Cynthia Kubas 78

Council ambassadors spread Cornell message

Spurred by a 'call to action' session during a 2011 Trustee-Council Annual Meeting, the Cornell University Council created the Cornell Ambassador program. Read more


'Once Upon a Hill': Cornell's story, as told by a 1946 student music hall show

'Once Upon a Hill': Cornell's story, as told by a 1946 student music hall show. Read more

veterinary students conduct simulated emergency exam on robotic dog

World's first vet simulation center uses robo-pets

The Vet College's advanced pet simulators are allowing the simulation learning model to spread throughout the veterinary curriculum and paving the way for other institutions to follow suit. Read more

Jean Way Schoonover

Cornell Now--2015

Just weeks after the start of its 'beta' class of eight students, Cornell NYC Tech has announced the creation of the James H. and Marilyn H. Simons Graduate Fellowship. Read more

David Skorton, Robbin Sweeney, Joshua Mbanusi and Rosemary Avery at Merrill convocation luncheon

Merrill Presidential Scholars Program to celebrate 25th anniversary in May

The Merrill Presidential Scholars Program turns 25, a quarter century of gathering Cornell's crme de la crme seniors along with their favorite secondary school teachers and Cornell professors. Read more

Victorian collection and manuscripts

You can make it happen: Spring 2013

A few ways to give to Cornell University, from purchasing jazz CDs for the Library to helping veterinary students heal animals here and abroad. Read more

members of the Cornell Taekwondo team practice in Helen Newman Hall

Cornell Taekwondo team battles to No. 1

Combining self-defense, exercise and, lately, competitive success, the Cornell Sport Taekwondo team has thrust kicked its way to No. 1. Read more

Brain neurons illustration

Researchers near effective Alzheimer's treatment

Alzheimer's disease is one of today's most devastating afflictions, but according to Weill Cornell Medical College researchers, there is reason to have hope. Read more

Cornell Tech students in NYC participate in practicum

Cornell Tech welcomes its first class of students

On Jan. 21, Cornell Tech began instruction for its 'beta' class of eight full-time students pursuing a one-year Cornell Master of Engineering degree in computer science. Read more

Colin Rowe

Faculty Legends: A. Neal Geller and Colin Rowe

Anyone who thinks that accounting and financial management are just about numbers on a page didn't have A. Neal Geller '64, MBA '77, as a professor. For Geller, the numbers have to tell a story. Read more

Meredith Silberstein

Q&A with new members of the faculty

Q&A with three new members of the Cornell faculty Elena Belogolovsky, human resources studies; Meredith Silberstein, mechanical and aerospace engineering; and Ishion Ira Hutchinson, department of English. Read more

Rob Pannell with children

Lacrosse star detours through Uganda

The best collegiate lacrosse player, Rob Pannell, in the nation was not with his team during the fall semester. Instead, he was spreading his love of lacrosse and helping people half a world away. Read more


Another page from 'We Cornellians': an illustrated Cornell history, ca. 1940

Another page from 'We Cornellians': an illustrated Cornell history, ca. 1940 , by Steve Barker '41. Read more

feeding infants and childen mini-Massive Open Online Course

MOOCs: A college education online?

Although it has given rise to jokes about cows and an outfielder for the 1986 New York Mets, MOOC is actually an acronym for Massive Open Online Courses. Read more

From The Publisher

Tommy Bruce

What are their greatest challenges? An aging infrastructure, says one. Others point to limited resources and a small endowment, the budget challenges that face all of higher education and the lack of appreciation for "human capital as a competitive advantage to organizations and society." Read more