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Table of Contents VOL. VI NO. 3, SPRING 2014

yak research in Nepal

The Essentials

Robotic gripper hits the marketplace, Mars rovers retrospective exhibit in D.C., yak research in Nepal, Cornell ice cream returns to the Dairy Bar, and more. Read more

Students on campus

What we talk about when we talk about 'diversity'

How diversity and inclusion are keys to excellence for all Cornellians -- for students, faculty and staff and to the university as a whole. Read more

Erin Moore

Colleague network groups build community

Erin Moore, energy outreach coordinator for Facilities Services, sees her job at Cornell as a "one-of-a-kind opportunity to grow and engage with different people across campus," but she had trouble feeling at home in Ithaca at first. Read more

gift creates Meyer Cancer Center at Weill Cornell

Cornell Now--2015

A family business initiative launched at Johnson, new faculty chair at Cornell Tech, $75M gift creates Meyer Cancer Center at Weill Cornell. Read more

Will Dichtel, assistant professor of chemistry, and graduate student Deepti Gopalakrishnan

Chemistry finds formula for success

Baker Lab is still abuzz as faculty from Cornell's Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology celebrate the bevy of awards they brought home last fall from the American Chemical Society. Read more

Elizabeth Williams

Alumna's letters recall 1930s Cornell

Writing more than 400 letters to her family over 35 years, Elizabeth "Betty" Williams Stavely '35 chronicled her life in northern California, her overseas adventures -- and her love for Cornell. Read more

Gates Hall

Light, glass and open space: The new Gates Hall

Poised at the corner of Campus Road and Hoy -- precisely at the intersection of Computing and Information Science -- the newly opened Bill and Melinda Gates Hall has a curious kind of curb appeal. Read more

Kent Fuchs
DEANS Q&A: An introduction by Kent Fuchs

Increased responsibilities in a job 'under constant transformation'

Who was your dean when you were a student at Cornell? Who is it now? What are the effects of their leadership? Read more

Glenn Altschuler

Q&A with Cornell's deans

In this last installment of the series, conversations with deans Glenn Altschuler, Dan Huttenlocher and Gary Koretzky. Read more


The Jonas Weil Entrepreneurial Fellowship

Jonas Weil '58, MBA '59, comes from a line of entrepreneurs. His grandfather built an empire around livestock, butchering and tobacco. Read more

Jonas Weil

You don't have to be rich to give big

"Cornell is the best school for someone who is an explorer," says Radha Narayan '05. "The thing that excites me is that I haven't exhausted the possibilities." Read more

Cornell campus

You can make it happen: Spring 2014

Examples of real and needed ways to give to Cornell, from the travel for the Cornell Forensics Society and new biomedical engineering lab to travel costs for the women's lacrosse team. Read more

Participants in IvyQ at Cornells A.D. White Library

First person: Coming out, getting together

Excerpts of some of the voices that make up the ongoing, and increasingly robust, conversation about LGBT rights, climate and life on campus and beyond. Read more


Impromptu holiday: Cornell's spring day

Every generation of Cornellians has enjoyed an annual springtime celebration in some form, ranging from parades and carnivals to picnics and concerts. Read more


Another page from 'We Cornellians': an illustrated Cornell history, ca. 1940

Another page -- this one exploring the library -- from 'We Cornellians,' an illustrated Cornell history, ca. 1940, by Steve Barker '41. Read more


Alumni: Essential champions of Cornell's diversity

I knew I had landed somewhere special in August 1974, when I learned as an incoming freshman that Cornell University was built on a foundation of inclusion, diversity and innovative thinking about education. Read more

From The Publisher

Tracy Vosburgh

Carrying out Ezra Cornell's idea of "any person ... any study" is an ongoing process that does not belong to any single moment in time. Read more