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Cornell alumni in NYC


Jennifer Cecere '73

Jennifer Cecere '73

Jennifer Cecere '73 See larger image

Artist whose public art appears all over New York City as well as in Newport Beach, California, Long Island City, Cleveland and other places

"New York City taught me that art belongs everywhere. My goal is to reference handicraft in the built environment. The city is a perfect foil for my agenda. I have hung giant doilies in the trees at Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City; stenciled Jersey Barriers along the FDR [Drive]; suspended printed construction mesh at the Staten Island Ferry Terminal; and installed 'Double Doily,' a water jet sculpture, at PS1 Greenstreets, Long Island City. The Cornell takeaway I bring to my work is to do more. You can always do more. What's next?"


Rosemary Brosnan

Rosemary Brosnan

Rosemary Brosnan See larger image

College of Arts and Sciences alumna and vice president and editorial director, HarperCollins Children's Books/Harper Teen

"When I run into someone from Cornell in New York, I feel a connection to Cornell. My favorite Cornell moment in New York City is when I have Cornell externs in and they shadow me. I have hired Cornellians – I currently have a Cornellian as my editorial assistant now. That is terrific!"


Sam Gold '00

Sam Gold '00

Sam Gold '00 See larger image

Actor, producer, director and a 2015 Tony Award winner for "Fun Home" and director of the new Broadway production of "The Glass Menagerie"

"I grew up in New York and moved right back here after graduation. So my four years at Cornell were the only years I've spent living anywhere else.

"I feel about that time the way I feel about the pastoral section of a Shakespeare play. The city-dwelling characters can't learn, grow, connect without getting lost in the spiritual idyll of a country setting, where time slows, nature takes over, and the country folk give the city characters some much-needed perspective."

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