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Make It Happen

You can make it happen

Public Interest Fellowships for law students

Each summer, nearly half the rising second-year class and a portion of the rising third-year class at Cornell Law School gain real-world legal experience and make a difference working in unpaid positions for public interest organizations, government agencies or judges. Public Interest Fellowships help to offset the costs students incur by taking this volunteer work. Fund one student: $1,600

A house for a telescope


Observatory. See larger image

The Department of Astronomy needs to prepare its new 20-inch telescope for research. The telescope must be shipped to Ithaca, where senior undergraduates in astronomy, physics and mechanical engineering will develop an enclosure and work on automating it for remote operation. $20,000

Climate change garden

Cornell Botanic Gardens' Climate Change Garden, the first of its kind, demonstrates the effects of climate change on garden plants. $5,000-$20,000

Eating habits study

Faculty and students in the Department of Neurobiology and Behavior are gaining insights into the genetics and neural circuit mechanisms of eating disorders by observing the eating habits of fruit flies. Help them expand this pioneering work on obesity, diabetes and anorexia by funding a laser cutter and a 3-D printer, which will allow the researchers to build behavioral and imaging chambers for the flies. $25,000

To make a gift, or for more information about these and other giving opportunities, email .

THANK YOU! You made it happen

You came, you saw, you gave … Thank you, Ezra readers and other alumni, parents and friends, for matching your generosity with these special opportunities.

'Herakles in Ithaca I' sculpture following its restoration

'Herakles in Ithaca I' sculpture following its restoration. See larger image

Performance at Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts

Performance at Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts. See larger image

A gift to performance; You came, you saw, you gave … Film and TV composer David Lawrence and lyricist Faye Greenberg gave a gift to the Department of Performing and Media Arts for productions at the Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts. Their daughter, Mabel Lawrence '19, is studying engineering en route to becoming a set designer.

So buff; Bob Blakely '63, MBA '65, and his wife, Pinky Keehner, supported the restoration, in summer 2016, of "Herakles in Ithaka I," the iconic sculpture at the entrance of the Statler Hotel.

Tools in machine shop

Tools in machine shop. See larger image

New tools for sharp students; Barbara Hankins '54 made a gift to the machine shop in Rhodes Hall after reading about the need in Ezra. The gift is in memory of her late husband, Philip C. Hankins '52, who majored in mechanical engineering and worked as a teaching assistant in the machine shop. "My husband and a partner built a working steam car for their senior project," Hankins remembers, "so he spent many hours in the shop."

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