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Global Big Day print

Lab of Ornithology Global Big Day print by Luke Seitz '16.

You can make it happen: Summer 2015

Chemical car

ChemE Car Team car

A ChemE Car Team car from a previous year's competition. See larger image

Support the only chemical car team with three national championships under its belt. Cornell's award-winning ChemE Car Team is an interdisciplinary engineering project team with more than 50 members. Students build a shoebox-sized car powered by a chemical reaction and gain experience in engineering design, fabrication and teamwork along the way. Help provide the team with a workshop and tools. $5,000

Symposium support

Advanced chemical and biomolecular engineering graduate students present talks, while junior students present research posters, to an audience of peers, faculty and guests from industry. This naming opportunity will provide endowed funds to be used to support the graduate student research symposium. $10,000

Bird by bird

Help the Cornell Lab of Ornithology reach its goal to raise $500,000 for bird conservation. Bird watchers around the world kicked off the fundraising event May 9 with "Global Big Day," an effort to find as many bird species a possible in 24 hours and record the data in the eBird citizen-science project. Fundraising continues through July to support eBird, undergraduate research and conservation efforts. Make a gift and the Lab will send you a limited edition Global Big Day print by Luke Seitz '16, signed by the Cornell Lab's birding teams, the Sapsuckers and Redheads: $500

Bring a dog to work

service dog

Service dog. See larger image

The ILR School and the College of Veterinary Medicine have teamed up to work on a collaborative research and documentary project on service dogs in the workplace, with an intended focus on veterans. Startup costs for research: $25,000 (Documentary cost is $125,000)

Support workers (and the students who will work for workers)

The ILR Worker Institute – with initiatives in equity at work, strategic leadership, rights of low-wage workers, and sustainable development – matches small teams of students to work with selected ILR faculty on projects. In spring 2014 the institute launched ILR's most substantial undergraduate research fellowship program and received 43 student applications, more than the school has funding to accept. Fund a research fellowship: $1,000

Expand ILR efforts in Asia

Expand current ILR International Programs Global Service Learning initiatives beyond India and Zambia to include more students in more locations. GSL is a course-based or co-curricular form of cross-cultural, experiential education where students, faculty, staff and institutions collaborate with diverse community stakeholders on an organized service activity to address social problems and issues in the community. Current GSL program exploration is occurring in China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Cambodia, Vietnam and possibly other Asian countries. Startup for each new location: $20,000. Fund a student's service trip: $4,000-6,000 per student. Fund the whole shebang (three new locations, five students each location): $135,000

To make a gift, or for more information about these and other giving opportunities, email

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