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You can make it happen: Winter 2014

Support teaching innovations

computer lab as part of innovative teaching

Computer lab as part of innovative teaching. See larger image

A small faculty grant could jump-start implementation of innovative teaching. Recent requests from faculty have included money for hiring an extra teaching assistant to help set up a pilot project, specific lab equipment, videotaping interviews or guest lectures, virtual fieldtrips and additional blackboards and white boards. Fund a grant or a share of a grant, or endow a named grant. $1,000 to $5,000

students involved with AguaClara program

Students involved with AguaClara program. See larger image

Provide safe drinking water

AguaClara is an award-winning multi-disciplinary engineering program that designs sustainable water treatment systems for communities in Honduras and India through gravity-powered, affordable technologies. You can support engineering students who implement the systems and work with local community members. Allow 30 students to participate in the 2014 summer program: $25,000

New York state highlighted on Northeast map

New York state highlighted on Northeast map. See larger image

Give the home-state advantage

Experiential learning can enhance New York state's community and economic vitality. This internship program connects businesses, nonprofit organizations and government agencies with exceptional CALS students seeking opportunities to explore careers and contribute to the community.

bunk beds

Bunk beds. See larger image

Students intern 40 hours a week for 10 weeks. However, unlike typical internships, a small portion of each week is devoted to a community engagement project focused on helping the students build relationships within the community. This program is a collaboration of CALS and the Community and Regional Development Institute (CaRDI) in the Department of Development Sociology. Completely fund an internship for $5,000, or make a gift of any size.

Buy new bunk beds

CALS students at Arnot Forest spend their days in the trees learning how management, conservation and economic decisions impact natural resources. While old bunk beds build character, they don't provide for the most restful night's sleep. New bunks would spruce up the experience and provide students rest after long days in the field, forests and streams of the Arnot. $12,000

You MADE it happen

Martha Van Rensselaer

Martha Van Rensselaer See larger image

The following are recent gifts from Ezra readers and other alumni and friends. These represent a tiny sampling of the 9,552 gifts, totaling $49.9 million, made to Cornell in the first quarter of this fiscal year.

Preserved our past

Leslie '77 and Jacqueline Herzog saved a piece of Cornell's unique home economics history by providing funds to convert original, fragile films to DVDs, enabling access for all. $5,000

women in computing conference

Women in computing conference. See larger image

Supported women in computing and information sciences

Thomas J. Ball '87 made a pledge in September to send Cornell students to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing Conference and to provide funding for a newly formed Women in Computing at Cornell club, the university's chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery for Women. "For its long-term viability," says Ball, "computer science needs more women to enter the field and so must take serious steps to attract and retain women." $30,000 ($6,000 per year for five years)

Museum of Modern Art exterior view

Museum of Modern Art exterior view. See larger image

Exposed students to world-class art

Amelia Nychis '57 funded numerous museum trips for students in the Museum and the Object course co-taught by Johnson Museum curators and professors in the Department of the History of Art and Visual Studies. The class is an introduction to object-based research, preservation, display and interpretation. $2,000

To make a gift, or for more information about these and other giving opportunities, email

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