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Tracy Voshburgh

Tracy Voshburgh

We approached this issue of Ezra with a real sense of fun and with the knowledge that we would only be able to feature a small selection of "Cornell Favorites" – asking almost any Cornellian to name their favorite anything is going to give you more than you expected – and we certainly got answers.

In addition to the many lists and stories about favorite professors and classes, best spots on campus and quintessentially Cornell experiences (whether recent or from decades ago), what emerged was a sense of interconnectedness: Each person's Cornell is linked to that of many others. We all are part of this thriving, complex, sprawling university and our stories often brush up against, or make guest appearances in, the memories of our friends, classmates and fellow Cornellians.

Read through our cover story to discover – or rediscover – favorite classes, people and places; and throughout this issue, see how connections are sometimes made in unlikely places.

This interconnectedness goes beyond Cornell students, faculty, staff, alumni and campuses: The new Engaged Cornell initiative, established with a $50 million gift from the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust, will help make hands-on, practical learning experiences and community engagement a defining feature of the Cornell undergraduate experience. That's a whole other level of connections, in students' communities and throughout the world.

I can't resist sharing two of my favorites – Alexander Vosburgh Frieden '11 (Arts & Sciences) and Elizabeth Vosburgh Frieden '16 (CALS), my two children, both proud Cornellians.

If you'd like to add your own Cornell favorites, submit your favorite memories and stories at or send me your thoughts at

Tracy Vosburgh

Associate Vice President, University Communications

University Relations

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