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Investing in Cornell's students guarantees us all a stronger future

Cornell: Unique among the Ivies

  • Cornell ranks as the fourth most economically diverse university in the nation and 14th overall.
    Source: U.S. News and World Report
  • The number of undergraduate Cornell students who qualify for financial aid is greater than the size of the student body at Harvard.
  • The number of Cornell students who qualify for Pell grants exceeds the combined number of Pell grant students at Harvard, Princeton and Yale.
  • The number of lower-income Pell grant students at Cornell has declined slightly over the past four years -- an indication that more students perceive the costs of a Cornell education as prohibitive.
  • In 2007, Cornell's endowment ranked 17th in the nation in size, but fell to 73rd on a per-student basis.

If you want to sense great energy and feel hope for the future, all you have to do is walk down Tower Road when classes change. Investing in our sharp, enthusiastic and creative Cornell students guarantees a stronger future for our country and the world.

Along with many Cornellians, we believe that creating knowledge and educating young people are the two most important ways we can revitalize our economy and improve the quality of life everywhere. That's why we applaud President David Skorton for his commitment to building an even more robust financial aid policy at Cornell. It is a policy that will strengthen the diversity of the student body and ease the financial burden of college costs on families.

In his October State of the University address, the president asked Cornellians to commit an additional $125 million to undergraduate financial aid to keep admissions need-blind and financial aid need-based. Stepping up our support for scholarships, he said, is critically needed to keep Cornell's legacy of access and inclusion alive. He pledged to make this effort a hallmark of his presidency.

The financial climate remains uncertain. But we have a great -- and inspiring -- wealth of ideas and energy on campus in our students and faculty. Even more individuals are knocking on our doors to be a part of this great institution.

Together, we have already raised more than $2.321 billion toward our goal. You can learn more about Far Above…The Campaign for Cornell at or make a secure gift online at

Stephen Ashley '62, MBA '64, Campaign Co-Chair
Jan Rock Zubrow '77, Campaign Co-Chair
Robert J. Appel '53, Chairman, the Campaign for Weill Cornell Medical College

Stephen Ashley

Stephen Ashley

 Rock Zubrow

Jan Rock Zubrow

Robert J. Appel

Robert J. Appel



"As we enter a new era of prudence, we cannot and will not retreat from our longstanding commitment to need-based student financial aid. Because of the urgent need to keep the doors of Cornell wide open to students from all parts of the socioeconomic spectrum and all parts of the world, I commit today to raise an additional $125 million for undergraduate financial aid, and I ask for your support. We have a wonderful Cornell legacy of access, and we need to join forces, with gifts large and small, to keep that legacy alive for our students far into the future."
--Excerpt from President Skorton's Oct. 17 State of the University address

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