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Table of Contents VOL. 3 NO. 4, SUMMER 2011


The Essentials

Cornell plans a 'transformative' NYC campus, alum's thermochromic ink business thrives on cold beer cans, remembering Bill Vanneman '31. Read more


Engineering takes diversity of its faculty to heart

A look at how far one college -- the College of Engineering -- has come in increasing the diverse makeup of its faculty, and how much further it intends to go. Read more


Diversity, through hiring and philanthropy

"Diversity" -- it's a word spoken often in university and professional settings. It appears 54 times in Cornell's Strategic Plan. But what, exactly, is diversity? It depends who you ask. Read more


A delicate balance: work and family

Balancing work and family is hardly a new concept in academia, but as Cornell tries to diversify its faculty, it's something officials are thinking about more and more. Read more


Faculty: The next frontier for diversity

When I began teaching more than 25 years ago, diversity was -- to the extent that it was thought of at all -- something that we did for the underprivileged, because it was "the right thing to do." Read more


Cornell coach knows how to horse around

The coach with the most wins in Cornell athletics history is David Eldredge '81, who coaches men's and women's polo, a sport that is little known outside the athletics department. Read more


Hotel students keep their cool in Statler kitchen

For students training in the hospitality industry, working alongside a high-profile chef from a famous upscale restaurant like, say, New York City's The Four Seasons, is more than entertainment: It's an invaluable education. Read more


Aiming for a goal of 100 new faculty fellowships

Last year, President David Skorton announced a $100 million Cornell Faculty Renewal Fund to enable the university to hire 100 new faculty members by 2015. Here's how this future is unfolding. Read more


A pastry chef who doesn't touch the stuff

Gillian Opatrny '08 is an anomaly in the world of baking: a pastry chef who can't eat her own creations. Read more


New bicycle research picks up momentum

Scientists and engineers have been trying to explain bicycle self-stability since the 19th century. A new analysis says the commonly accepted explanations are at least partly wrong. Read more


Art meets horticulture for photographer

Plant breeders often say that what they do is both art and science, but rarely does an artist create an exhibit from a breeder's seedlings. A photography project based on trees in Cornell's apple breeding program on the Geneva, N.Y. campus aims to do just that. Read more


New novelists experience debut book tours

Téa Obreht '08 and Alexi Zentner '08, alumni of the Creative Writing Program, discuss their first novels. Read more


Making new 'Information Age' facility possible

Faced with the unusual challenge of raising $15 million by the end of 2010 for a new 100,000-square-foot academic facility, the dean of the Faculty of Computing and Information Science began a whirlwind development effort to make it a reality. Read more


The latest talent on campus

A look at four new professors on campus: Christopher Batten, Samuel Kleiner, Joanie Mackowski and Verity Platt. Read more


Advancing the pace of inclusion at Cornell

I still recall the question that a writer asked during an interview for an article in our college's magazine: "Are you the first African-American dean of engineering?" I had no idea. Read more

From The Publisher

Tommy Bruce

In today's world, and tomorrow's, the most diverse institutions will be the most successful ones. Read more