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Cornell University Campus Map by Ellen Edmonson, 1928

"Cornell University Campus Map" by Ellen Edmonson, 1928. Image: Division of Rare and Manuscript Collections.

From the collections: Cornell University Campus Map

Illustrated by Ellen Edmonson, 1928

Ellen Edmonson enrolled in a graduate program at Cornell in the fall of 1918, studying entomology under James Needham and fine arts under Olaf Brauner. In 1918-19, she also served as an assistant in entomology. She returned to Cornell in the fall of 1925 as a nondegree candidate, studying painting and graphic arts for a term with Brauner.

This hand-illustrated map was advertised in the Sept. 25, 1928, Cornell Daily Sun as "A map that is different! Illustrated – and How!!" The ad goes on: "Decorative – Humorous – Helpful. First Aid for Bewildered Freshmen. Shows where you live, work, play. And much more …"

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