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Associate professor Kelly Zamudio with a lizard

Blurring the lines between work and play

How "an academic lab is a perfect environment for undergraduates, because professors, graduate students and postdocs provide varied examples of how people approach their work." Read more

At the basketball championship
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Remembering "Hot Truck Bob" ... Campaign update ... Big Red athletics ... 105 years of creative writing ... and much more about undergraduate research ... Read more


The value of undergraduate research

There is something immensely exciting about a young undergraduate student doing high-level research in close partnership with a professor. Read more

In our next issue:
Global Cornell

Student in Tanzania

Cornell may seem to be "centrally isolated" in upstate New York, but its view is global, with students and researchers traveling far afield to help the developing world. In the next issue of Ezra, find out how Cornellians are tackling some of the world's most pressing problems in agriculture, health and population growth. At the same time, students are being trained as global citizens, benefiting from early engagement with other countries and cultures.