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Videos of students in action

Undergraduate research

Anthony Auletta '10 studies social behavior of huntsman spiders in senior research associate Linda Rayor's lab. He also is an expert on scorpions, and was interviewed last year by the Discovery Channel for two shows about dangerous scorpions on "Nature's Deadliest." Watch

Jeanette Abate '09 is conducting research in the Hotel School for her honors thesis on LEED-certified buildings and whether investors will pay more for LEED-certified buildings because the net operating income of these buildings are increased and risk is decreased. Watch

Professor Alan Hedge and students discuss the benefits of research in the classroom and career applications for the field of ergonomics. Watch

Katie Donley and Associate Professor Margaret Frey explore the possibilities of electrospinning to make new kinds of fibers. Watch

Bethany Ojalehto and Associate Professor Qi Wang describe research into the effects of refugee status on child development. Watch

PAM undergraduate research: Matt Eisenberg and Professor Rosemary Avery collect data on television advertising and its effect on health-related behavior. Watch

Campaign update

With dreams of running a medical clinic in a developing country, Ryan Richards '11feels privileged to attend a university that values "putting your heart into something." Watch

Without financial aid, "Cornell wasn't even an option" for Meinig Scholar Stephanie Palacios '09. Watch

Pass on the opportunity: Ruben King-Shaw '83 supports scholarship aid to keep "any person, any study" as meaningful today as it was at the close of the Civil War, when the university was founded. Watch

Becker House

Carl Becker, the John Wendell Anderson Professor of History from 1917 to 1941, framed a call to action summed up by "freedom and responsibility." Becker House students and faculty on the diverse expressions of the phrase. Watch

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