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Table of Contents VOL. 5 NO. 2, WINTER 2013

Schoelkopf field

The Essentials

Textile pavilion in NYC, 11 join Athletic Hall of Fame, Hotelies celebrate school's 90th, alums launch crowdsourcing movie screening model, and more. Read more

hands holding globe

Action Teens, apples and the spirit of democracy

From classes for peony gardeners on Long Island to collaborations with CARE in Africa, there are thousands of stories that show Cornell's spirit of public engagement at work -- here are just a few. Read more

AmeriCorps Alums' Atlanta chapter members volunteer on Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Discovering my pathway to service at Cornell

Not quite off the turnip truck, I arrived in Ithaca in fall 1995 from East Amherst, N.Y. I was in for a bit of culture shock from my downstate brothers and sisters. Read more


Better veggies for New York

When Michael Mazourek, Ph.D. '08, was a child, he dreamed of becoming a farmer, a chef or an engineer. Little did he know he'd get a taste of all three professions at Cornell. Read more

Leo Villareals Cosmos

12,000 points of light

Leo Villareal's "Cosmos" is composed of nearly 12,000 energy-efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) on gridwork above the Johnson Museum of Art's Mallin Sculpture Court. Read more

Whitetip reef shark near Enderbury Island

Two alumni under the sea

For two Cornellians who work for the New England Aquarium in Boston, adventures like scuba diving along coral reefs around the world and treating seals and sea turtles are a part of the job. Read more

Faculty discuss the fall reading project

A humanities influx

Strong student interest in the humanities is one of many factors having an impact on the ongoing faculty renewal effort in the College of Arts and Sciences. Read more

Sesquicentennial faculty fellowships update

Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellowships update

An update on the fundraising challenge to enable the university to hire 100 new Sesquicentennial Faculty Fellows by 2015. Read more

Rudolf Schlesinger

Faculty Legends: Schlesinger and Fuertes

A Law School professor who boosted the school's international reputation and a civil engineer who forged new directions, and a new college, in his field. Read more

Recent Cornell books

From Hollywood's last golden age to an 'irreverent' Cornell who's who

Three new books from, and one about, Cornellians. Read more

Geoscientist John Wold

Cornell Now--2015

Meyer gift establishes economics professorship, Greenbergs' gifts to Weill Cornell and Veterinary College, King-Shaw building naming and first Wold professor. Read more

Cornell University Medical College's first building ca. 1910

Cornell and the Big Apple go way back

From Ezra Cornell's birth at Westchester Landing to the announcement of the tech campus' founding more than 200 years later, our history has been entwined with the New York metropolitan area. Read more

Cornell Class of 1979 officers

Givers who keep on giving

To honor and encourage regular individual giving to Cornell, the university is launching the 1865 Society, named for the year of Cornell's founding. Read more

Media Arts display

You Can Make It Happen: Winter 2013

A look at ways to give to Cornell University, from supporting the Gamelan Program to promoting peace and architecture students' travels. Read more

Media Arts display

Cornell NYC Tech begins land use review, releases new images

Cornell NYC Tech released new images of the campus in October, including preliminary renderings of its first building. Read more

Nick Booker-Tandy ’13 and Shane Savage ’13

Professional athletes in another sense

Two senior football players who want their fellow student-athletes to make professional development a priority created The League of Extraordinary Athletes. Read more

Image from the  illustrated book

'We Cornellians': A continued look at student's illustrated Cornell history, ca. 1940

Another page from Steve Barker '41's illustrated look at Cornell that was published by the Cornell Cooperative Society in 1940. Read more

High Roaders atop Buffalo City Hall

Living laboratory: On the High Road in Buffalo

Every June, students from Cornell's ILR School arrive in Buffalo for a summer of community service, civic participation, urban immersion and research. Read more

From The Publisher

Tommy Bruce

The mission that has been passed down from Cornell's historic land-grant status has always included a commitment of service that aspired to reach beyond the local or regional. Read more