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Rhonda Stewart

The inspired path after Cornell: Changing lives

I have fond memories of great teachers from nursery school through graduate school. Read more

view of the Cornell campus
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Ezra Cornell and Cornell, Wisconsin ... Charles Dyson ... a lacrosse reunion ... canine genomics ... rescue of plaster cast collection ... climbers scale redwoods ... Read more

End note

How I won in not becoming a meteorologist

On Graduation Day 2008, earth and atmospheric sciences graduates chose recipients for "superlative" awards. Read more

In our next issue:

Physicist J. C. Séamus Davis, left, and researchers, adjust a scanning tunneling microscope (STM) in a sound- and vibration-insulated room in the basement of Clark Hall.

Séamus Davis and the path to faculty renewal: A look at what it took to bring one star physicist to Cornell and how the university's need to hire at least 800 new faculty members in the coming decade is both a huge challenge and a dramatic opportunity to "hire our future reputation," as one dean describes it.