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Table of Contents VOL. 2 NO. 3, SPRING 2010

Edward Lawler, the Martin P. Catherwood Professor of Industrial and Labor Relations

Alumni voices are helping chart the road to 2015

For the past six months, Professor Edward Lawler and seven of his faculty colleagues have been drafting a document that will offer some answers to a crucial question. Read more

Image of Grateful Dead concert ticket

Ezra's Essentials

Reading project takes on humanity's future ... Library now comes pocket sized ... Grateful Dead live on in alumni memories of '77 concert ... Read more

Purse that will be distributed to women in certain African townships to deter thieves by signaling that the purses contain no cash.

Cornell gives head start to student innovators

Cornell University's approach to entrepreneurship is focused on experiential learning – teaching students how to think and act like entrepreneurs no matter where their careers take them. Read more

Jason Springs MBA 09

Winning ideas

Cornell businesses, teams and ideas consistently fare well in entrepreneurial contests. Read more

Matthew Kochman 10

Past Big Idea competitors build their businesses

For the past three years, Entrepreneurship@Cornell has sponsored the Big Idea Competition for Cornell undergraduates who have an idea to pitch to entrepreneurs, faculty and peers. Read more

Members of BR Ventures group at a meeting in Sage Hall

Startup Suite

Johnson School students are offering free or inexpensive assistance to alumni-founded startup companies, entrepreneurs marketing Cornell-
developed technologies and local small businesses. Read more

Mark Marchionni 74

Have an idea? So do I

At the end of Cornell Entrepreneur Network events, guests are invited to stand and present 30-second business pitches to the room. Mark Marchionni '74 shares his experience. Read more

Interview being videotaped for eClips

Entrepreneurs around the world learn from eClips

eClips was conceived in 1995 by Professor Deborah Streeter as a way of providing educators with a "virtual panel" of experts to create a real-world feel in teaching entrepreneurship. Read more

Scott Belsky 02

Defining moments that created an entrepreneur

When I was in high school, a friend and I started a small sportswear firm. I considered it a hobby-turned-business and didn't know much about entrepreneurship at the time. Read more

Female fig wasp on flowering fig

Trees strike back when wasps' efforts are fruitless

Avoiding aggressive spider monkeys and menacing crocodiles in the Panama rain forest are part of the job, says a Cornell graduate student who studies how figs and fig wasps have evolved together. Read more

The walled town of Diggi in Rajasthan, India

Students voyage to India for urban planning

Twelve students in the Minority Organization of Architecture, Art and Planning (MOAAP) returned from a three-week winter break trip to India with a sense of purpose. Read more

Students in David Levitsky's class react during a lecture

David Levitsky – part teacher, part showman

Central to professor of nutrition and psychology David Levitsky's teaching philosophy, honed over 40 years of instructing Cornell students, is to make his lessons unpredictable. Read more

Graduate student Nij Tontisirin with globe in library

Library's most valuable collections

As one of some 500 student workers for the Cornell University Library, Nij Tontisirin's job is to care for the collection and to help patrons find their way. Read more


Cornellians help out in NYC on Cornell Cares Day

For 65 Cornell alumni and 15 Cornell students in New York City, Jan. 9, Cornell Cares Day, certainly was not just another lazy Saturday morning. Read more

Book covers

From scholars to Maui

Book and DVD mark M.H. Abrams' long career ... a T-Rex takes Maui ... Shame on business, says professor ... Nurses go beyond chicken soup ... Read more

Jane Rhyu with Honduras orphanage resident

Student organization addresses global health

Cornell senior Jane Rhyu founded the Cornell chapter of Global Medical Brigades in 2008, organizing its first trips to Honduras, to provide care to people who rarely see doctors. Read more

Kessler fellows Baskhar Garg, Joey Zwicker and Thomas Murray at Yosemite

What Kessler fellowships can do for students

A select group of Cornell engineering students with an interest in entrepreneurship are getting hands-on experience in learning the skills to take their own ideas to the marketplace. Read more


Trio of seniors has led basketball team to greatness

It's nearly unheard of to have three of the top players in the history of an athletic conference in a five-man starting lineup. Cornell basketball fans have watched these three flourish over four seasons. Read more

Brandi and Brittani Jackson

Commitment to student aid

By boldly increasing financial aid, Cornell is keeping its promise of staying within reach of undergraduate students, regardless of their financial resources. Read more

Steven Gal 88

Is it our entrepreneurs' time in the sun?

When my family and I moved to Ithaca last June I had been living in California for 20 years since graduating from Cornell. Moving from San Diego to small-town Ithaca and returning to teaching entrepreneurship again after 15 years, I did not know what to expect. Read more

From The Publisher

Tommy Bruce

A theme running through much of the work done by University Communications this year is charting the course of the student experience – telling the Cornell story through the eyes of its students. The student experience shines throughout this issue.

For a start, our cover story is about student entrepreneurs – both current students and young alumni – whose Cornell experience has taught them how to think and act like true innovators, no matter what their majors and chosen fields. Read more