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eClips: Entrepreneurship video selections

Denni McCann discusses acquisition by Playtex followed by Sara Lee. Brady Wilcox discusses how tension between business and design can lead to better products. Constanza Ontaneda discusses initial mistakes made in understanding target market. Bena Burda discusses business background and founding of Maggie’s Organics. Anne Loehr states importance of empowering employees. Andy Dolce states young professionals should get business experience before becoming entrepreneurs. Dana Lampert discusses experience being an entrepreneur at Cornell. Barrett Amos states Cornell students tend to be extremely driven. Sandeep Kumar discusses transition from science to business. Lesa Mitchell discusses challenges of being an entrepreneur working with bleeding-edge technology. Katie Lucchesi discusses advantage of being an engineer on a mutlidisciplinary business team. Donald Gulbrandsen states engineers have excellent problem solving skills but sometimes get lost in the details.

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