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Defining moments that created an entrepreneur

When I was in high school, a friend and I started a small sportswear firm. I considered it a hobby-turned-business and didn't know much about entrepreneurship at the time. But something about the startup experience fascinated me. Read more


Is it our entrepreneurs' time in the sun?

When my family and I moved to Ithaca last June I had been living in California for 20 years since graduating from Cornell. Returning to teaching entrepreneurship again after 15 years, I did not know what to expect. Read more

view of the Cornell campus
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Trio of men's basketball standout seniors ... Kessler fellowships ... student workers in the library ... Grateful Dead's '77 concert reunion ... David Levitsky ... Read more

In our next issue:

Mike Walsh, 27, is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering and the student-elected representative to the Cornell Board of Trustees.

Reimagining Cornell - Toward a more efficient and effective reality: Cornell has seen in the Great Recession a great opportunity for strategic change and is unveiling a strategic plan that will guide it to 2015 and beyond. In the summer issue of Ezra, we will look at the plan's key initiatives and, through students' eyes, at the future of the university.